Friday, July 27, 2012

Ms.Lady Daddy?

There might be a name change in Sir Daddy's future. I overheard Ladybug in her "royal" mood refer to her Daddy as Ms. Lady Daddy. I like the ring to it. I might adopt that for him too.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I am tired. Physically, mentall, emotionally.... Is there any other ways I am forgetting? That's something you don't realize when you have a child or children. This 24/7 thing is no joke. I remember clearly after Ladybug was born that even if she is sleeping, yes you sleep too, but never as good as you did before. So your exhaustion accrues. I don't think I will ever sleep well again. While I know I have so much to be thankful for, and believe me I am, there are all these little things that add up to total frustration.
I am tired of having to beg and bargain with Ladybug on eating meals. I know the doctors say "Don't make food a battleground," I get that but she would NEVER eat if she had the choice. She would live on apple juice. Believe me I have grown up with my own food issues and don't want to project any of that on Ladybug. I am not sure if Dash is any better.
I am tired of my dogs licking (Ladybug would say "lipping") and scratching. They are clean and flea free. I think two of them do it as a nervous habit. The sound drives me INSANE!
I am tired of having to squeeze myself, my children, and the 3,000 bags I have to carry out the door before the most neurotic dog makes a run for it. I know she is not happy being replaced as the baby but seriously!
I am tired of not having a car. Long story but it was to be replaced quickly. Why did I forget Sir Daddy can do nothing quickly. No that is not true just our definitions of quickly are very different.
I am tired of Dash fighting getting in the car seat or high chair. His new found freedom of walking has him resisting any restraint.
I am tired of our house. We were not smart home buyers. Ugh!
I know these are all trivial things, but everyday day-in and day-out has worn me down. There are many other variables but I just wish some of these seemingly "little" things could be just a little easier so I can gather my strength. Looking over this makes me want to say "Quit your complaining! Buck up!" But I am about at the end of my rope. I think it boils down to I need a little "me" time. Our little family needs a vacation. Although those are never restful but a little family fun time would do us all some good.

Got Bleach?

You know that bleach commercial where the little boy runs excitedly to his mother saying "Mama! I pooped." She goes to the bathroom and checks the big and little potty, both empty, and turns confused to her son. He then points the other direction". Is it the bathtub? Is it in the floor? When I first saw this I thought it was funny... until you live it.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Please God let this be teething and not my child's personality! Dash only has two teeth at 13 months. Ladybug was also slow on growing teeth but it never seemed to phase her. Poor Dash is usually so mild mannered but boy can he have some moments. I am hoping it is teeth related. Or worse he is learning about whining and tantrums from Ladybug.
.... Or maybe they get it from me. I paused while writing this to get Ladybug some crayons to draw. I dropped the box of crayons and as they scattered all across the floor I completely overreacted. Maybe we are just all on edge. It's almost bedtime. Dinner is never fun at our house. I think we all weed a vacation. Please let there be a beach vacation in our future.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Mow Ho

My 3 year old may call me Ms. Lady Mama, but today I am the "Mow-Ho!" I now fight my husband to let me help cut the grass. Who would have ever thought? I adore my children I really do, but rarely do I ever get to do something on my own. If I bake I always have a few extra hands, try to sew or craft I have to make sure I have enough for all my "helpers." I don't mind but sometimes I need some time to myself where I don't have to worry about anyone else for a few minutes. And that time is now! The yard and I have a date. I am turning the iPod up to MY music and going to sweat a little. The MOW-HO is here!

Who is Ms. Lady Mama?

      Looking at my profile description could make you gag.  Yes I hope to raise a little lady and a gentleman, but by no means does that mean that I don't have hilarious, creative, independent thinking children.  My name is a "title" assigned to me by my 3 year old daughter and I LOVE it.  She likes pink. She likes to be a princess.  And she loves a good tea party (especially if it can be a picnic)!  When she is in her royal mood she calls me "Ms. Lady Mama." Conversely she also likes to be a  cowgirl and lasso anything she can with her jump rope, or the dog leash.  For our blog world she is "Ladybug."
     My one year old son gets roped (sometimes literally) into Ladybug's play world.  I have a feeling that will start to change  but he is usually the dragon, the dinosaur, or the frog in her castle.  And sometimes the Godzilla to her dollhouse.  Never the prince.  I don't think she really knows about princes yet. I haven't decided what his blog world name should be.  I kind of like "Dash" because this week he decided walking was boring.  He has done it for a month.  Now he wants to run! I also like "Dash" because that was the name of one of Suzanne Sugarbaker's ex-husbands on "Designing Women.". It has always stuck with me.  So Dash it is for now!  He is very sweet, laid-back little boy.   Dash is learning very quickly about tea parties and how frustrated he makes Ladybug when he does not do "cheers" with his glass.  I hope she appreciates his participation now because each day he gets more and more drawn to his trucks and cars and may not accept all her invitations.
     I am a SAHM.  My resume also includes being a professional ballet dancer, ballet teacher and various other odd jobs to pay the bills.  There are other hopes and dreams of things I want to do but nothing beats being with my babies right now.  Even though I feel I might lose my mind if I hear anymore "Dora the Explorer." Sir Daddy and I have been married for 4 years.  He is a fabulous father.  We also have three shih-tzus. That makes for a very full, little house.  There is much to elaborate on but this is a glimpse of who we are.
I hope for this to be a love letter of sorts to my kids and our little family. Hopefully it will be entertaining!