Sunday, August 19, 2012

MDO Worries Part Deux

     MDO open house is this week and I have new fears arising as I observe Ladybug.  She seems very excited although I feel that will fade when she realizes I am going to leave her there.  We have passed her "school" practically everyday and she shouts "There's my school! And you're going to take me, and I am going to play, and color, and have lunch, and lay down, and then you get me." I went through a potential schedule with her once and since she has rattled it off almost daily.  As the first day approaches I am finding that there are a few behaviors that might not be so highly looked upon at the Baptist church:

  •       While potty training I might have taught Ladybug to tell the potty when she flushes to, "Keep the change ya filthy animal." ( a la Home Alone) Maybe not the most ladylike thing but it helped in the overall potty training process or at least kept us laughing.
  • If you ask Ladybug what a pirate says she will tell you " Yo Yo Ho!" Thanks Jake and the Neverland Pirates. It has made Ms. Lady Daddy and I laugh so we never corrected her.  We live on the "east side" (insert gang hand symbol here) and thought probably yes an east side pirate would say "Yo Yo Ho."
  • I have no one to blame but myself for this one...sometimes, randomly Ladybug has terets.  Maybe when she is seeking attention? I can have a not so ladylike mouth that I have been working on, but definitely think it will need medication.  And we have a very high strung dog that causes my mouth to say things I have never said in my life.  This dog runs out the door every time it is opened, wanting to go with us or just to annoy me.  I am not proud of what comes out of my mouth.  Actually I am horrified, especially when you hear you sweet little princess beat you to the punch and says "Funkin damnit!" Horrified isn't even a big enough word.  Ms. Lady Daddy was there the first time ( he has never uttered those words in his life-seriously) which made it all worse.  She said this 5 times! My emotions went from horror to trying to stifle a laugh.  It was funny,  Funny and awful.  Thankfully we haven't heard it in a while, but not long ago randomly in the car she just starts shouting "Damnit!"  No reason.  She just wanted to know if I was listening.
So here's  to hoping that the teachers always listen to Ladybug because she will test you, and that no one wants to play pirates!

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