Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Don't you hate when you buy something at the store and then it gets left in the bagging section? This happened to Ms. Lady Daddy (btw he now answers the phone this way) this weekend. And yes he does most of the grocery shopping. It excites him greatly to save money. The item he left behind---- TOILET PAPER!

 So here I am stranded in the bathroom. You would think I would remember after the first time it happened today but since becoming a mom my brain is mush. Thankfully Ladybug was happy to go and get some napkins from the kitchen. This happened a second time and I start to scour the trash can for anything I could use since Ladybug was outside with her cousin. Then the third time it never even crossed my mind. I was excited to go for an "extended stay" by myself. Ms. Lady Daddy was home, but we don't do the whole share the bathroom when it's occupied thing, so Ladybug was my only hope again.

Ms. Lady Mama:     Ladybug....Ladybug........LADYBUG!

Ladybug: (shouting) uh huh

Ms. Lady Mama: Ladybug can you bring me some napkins?

Ladybug:      Huh?

Ms. Lady Mama: Can you please bring me some napkins?

Ladybug:   (opens bathroom door) I am tired (said in a whiny fashion)
                   (starts to enter  Dash's room where he is sleeping   peacefully) 

Ms. Lady Mama: (angrily) Ladybug do not go into his room! Do not wake him up! 
                             (sweetly)  Now will you please get Ms. Lady Mama some napkins? 

Ladybug:              No 

Ms. Lady Mama: Please

Ladybug:             No 

Ms. Lady Mama: I brought you into this world and I can take you out! I have wiped your butt  every single time you have pottied (except for maybe 10 times). Now march your scrawny butt to the kitchen and get this Lady some napkins! 

 Ok that last part may have taken place in my head, but eventually she did get me some napkins. Thank goodness. Maybe Ms. Lady Daddy and I need to rethink our bathroom policies... Or then again maybe that IS the secret to making a marriage last.

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